US-CC161 156W 4 USB Ports Extension Fast Car Charger With Cigarette Lighter



1. Total power: 156W
2. Material: ABS
3. Size:
Cigarette lighter: 91×34.5x32mm
Charger: 78x33x26.5mm
4. Comes with a 1-meter extension cable to solve the problem of charging the rear seat of the car
5. Front row cigarette lighter + rear seat four-port fast charging, can support five devices at the same time
6. 60W cigarette lighter, support power supply for large vehicle equipment & 96W 3 USB+1 Tape-C four fast charging ports, can charge notebook/tablet/mobile phone, etc., and support PD/QC/AFC/FCP/PPS/Apple2. 4th grade fast charging protocol
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