Mercury 150M High Gain Wireless USB Network850


Mercury MW150UH receiver claiming driver


The Mercury MW150UH receiver is a handy device for internet-connected computers. Using Mercury receiver is extremely convenient, no installation is required, plugging is receiving a signal. Transmitting the N-150M standard signal.


Mercury MW150UH receiver characteristics


The Mercury MW150UH receiver is a smart device that will help your computer access wifi without wiring. USB captures wi-fi waves plugged directly into the USB port on the computer without installing the Driver.


Mercury MW150UH wifi receiver cheap, high quality in Hanoi


The distance of catching waves connects far, because the device has a large external antenna used on the device that allows for extremely sensitive wave capture.


Mercury MW150UH receivers claim to be suitable for N-standard wireless network devices, directional antennas suitable for broadcast sources to help the ability to transmit signals increase.


Thanks to the AP function, users can use MW150UH as a wireless access point, so you can completely turn an indoor wired network into a wireless network so that compatible devices can access the Internet easily.


Mercury MW150UH receiver is designed for users of Windows, MAC OS, LINUX operating systems. In addition, the software supports WMM feature allows users to prioritize transmission lines for gaming, watching movies or downloading files.

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