Services and Repairs

We repair mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets

Our process

First, we carefully remove all parts of the broken device and make sure there is nothing else wrong with the unit.

If we have the parts in stock, we start the installation immediately. If the parts needs to be ordered, we can usually get it within 24 hours

Finally, we’ll verify to make sure everything is working and contact you when it is ready for pickup.

Our Expertise

We service all brands of computers. Authorized Service Provider for Apple, Dell, HP, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, PowerSpec and other brands.

Our Technicians have fixed hundreds of thousands broken laptop and desktop screens.

Common Questions about Repairs

How much does a new screen cost?

This really depends on what kind of device you’re using. Whether it is a touchscreen or an LCD panel, we can help out. We carry the most common device screens and are able to offer industry leading pricing.

What about touch screens?

You bet! We can repair devices with touch screens as well! We have relationships with every major manufacturer and multiple third parties. If your device needs a screen repair, odds are we can do it!

Is the rest of my device ok?

Good question. Even if the device screen is just cracked, it can affect a lot of other components within the machine. That’s why we check the make sure the unit is functioning properly after we install the new screen. If there continued to be issues, we will run hardware diagnostics to see if any other parts of the device were damaged.

How long does a screen repair take?

If we have the screen in stock, we can often replace it the same business day you drop it off. In the event that we need to order the screen, the repair can be done in 3-4 days.

What types of screens are you able to fix?

You name it, we can fix it! In almost all cases, a screen repair means a screen replacement. Our Certified Technicians are trained to work on all major device brands and have replaced more than 4,000 screens.

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