Texas Holdem Poker Game Set

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Classic Treat

There is never a dull moment in Texas Hold’em! With all the dealing and wagering, gambling and strategy, it turns any game into
a high-stakes event. And we’ve included everything you need to get the goodness going: a mat, 2 sets of cards, chips, a chip holder
and even a tin box for safe storage. Perfect for game night, that lazy afternoon, and any time in between, this Texas Holdem set
makes for hours of excitement-filled fun.

Great Gift Idea

Looking for a unique gift for that kiddo? A cool treat for that adult with a love for poker and all things card games? Get them this
Texas Hold’em kit and watch them smile! It also makes a great prize for any carnival and an awesome housewarming present.
Throwing a casino-themed party? Use this set as table décor and make that bash one to remember. Every set is backed by a
100% money-back guarantee. This means you get to make that special someone smile without having anything to lose.

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About this item

  • COMPLETE SET: This kit comes with everything you need to fuel hours of Texas hold’em fun: 2 sets of cards, a mat, gambling chips and a plastic holder for the casino chips. Set it up, call up friends and family, and create fond memories as you test each other’s mastery of poker.
  • GREAT FOR GAME NIGHT: Looking to spice up family game night? Shake things up with the edge-of-your-seat fun of good ol’ Texas holdem. It accommodates all the way up to 10 players and makes an enjoyable card game for both kids and adults.
  • STORAGE MADE EASY: Every hold em set comes in a cool tin box. This means you can neatly store the accessories in one place for safe-keeping and easy access, and easily travel with your set whenever you head out on vacation or go out camping.
  • COOL GIFT IDEA: Know someone with a love for card games? Upgrade their arsenal with this Texas Holdem kit and make them smile. It’s also a great gift to teach kids about the strategy and skill associated with poker and a cool prize for adults and children ages 3+

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