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Portable trolley speaker RX-6238

Combo amplifier RX-6238. Looking at not an expensive version of three-band acoustics. It’s in front of you. Very beautiful functional and high-quality speaker. Functionally there is everything and a radio and bluetooth, the ability to read information from any modern medium. Of course, the color music of this option, this is the case on which it is worth dwelling separately. When turned on, the column simply shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, looks very impressive.

Included is a wireless microphone remote control.

The speaker itself has 3 speakers, two of them have a diameter of 6.5 inches and one twitter, 1.5. The sound is very rich, there is bass, there are also high. The column is quite suitable for parties. And of course you can please yourself, buy one for yourself. The speaker is quite compact, it is convenient to take with you to nature. By the way, the battery will last for 5-6 hours of work.

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Output power: 60 Watts
Height: 60 cm
Width: 26 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Tweeter diameter: 1 inch
Subwoofer diameter: 2pcs x 6.5 inch
Wireless Microphone: 1 pc.
Microphone jack: Eat
Echo: Eat
Microphone Priority: Eat
Power tool connector: Combined
Equalizer: Preset
Radio: Eat
Bluetooth: Eat
Color music: Switchable
Memory card slot: Eat
USB Slot: Eat
Line Input (AUX): Eat
Remote control: Eat
Playable formats: MP3
Set: Full

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