Sony PS3 original Controller

Key Features
  • Pressure-Sensitive Buttons
  • SIXAXIS Motion Technology
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Play & Charge Simultaneously

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Sony PS3 original Controller City

Sony PS3 original Controller pressure-sensitive buttons and unique SIXAXIS motion-sensing technology, the black DualShock 3 Wireless Controller from Sony provides an intuitive gameplay experience on the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console.

PS3 original Controller  Each hit, crash, and explosion is amplified by the vibrations felt through the DualShock 3. It can even detect natural movements

Sony PS3 original Controller utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless gameplay. You can also play and charge the DualShock 3 simultaneously with a micro-USB to USB cable (sold separately). By integrating all these features into the PlayStation controller’s design,

Sony PS3 original Controller will further enhance the advanced gameplay experience of the Sony PlayStation 3.

PS3 original Controller  SIXAXIS motion-sensing system allows users to maneuver the controller itself. With this system, sensors read when a player angles, tilts, thrusts, or pulls the controller, all in real-time and with high precision.

PS3 wireless controller with the PlayStation 3 gaming console using a micro-USB to USB cable (sold separately). You can also play and charge simultaneously with the DualShock 3 wireless controller.

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